Friday, July 02, 2010

Life is Good: Day 41 (by hubbie)

Just helping out the wife a little with the blog. She's feeling quite pregnant for some reason...

Heaton Ranch Review:

We had a great time.

Home Review:

It's still standing.

Thanks for reading...boy this blogging stuff is easy.....

Just kidding.

Let me try that again.

Heaton ranch was a blast. First day we started things off with a huge dinner. Lena and I were a bit late because of the 3 hour doctor visit but we still had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. We prepared to feed an army. After our large dinner we swore we won't eat so much and then indulged in dutch oven cobbler. Bed time came we our little family found ourselves sleeping in the chicken room, a room decorated with different kinds of chicken wall paper and pictures.

The next day Lena and Heather were able to just sit and do their crafts most the day. It was fun watching them and I was glad Lena was able to do a bit of relaxing. The main reasons she couldn't relax the whole time was the playing in the pond. Jakob and I started the day with a walk around the pond then taking one of the boats out in the middle. We ended up playing water games for a while. We also went on a long or I should say high hike. Grandma and I lead most the kids including Caleb up to the top of the hill. That night we over ate again and then played night games. The kids loved our version of "Murder in the dark" we called "Snoop in the dark". The neatest part of the game was when we discovered "lightning bugs"flying around the stream and the ponds.

Next day was clean up then get dirty again day.

We spent the morning packing and cleaning up the ranch. We then drove to the local sand dunes and got completely sandy before the sun came out and started cooking our feet. After enjoying a scenic route home thanks to my mis-navigation we finally made it home.

At home we've relaxed and cleaned. The kids help clean the bathroom floor by flooding it pretty good. Heather went to the local national park. I was happy because I was able to sell some of our coronation sussex and buy a new egg turner for the incubator so I don't have to turn them 3 times a day.

Well thats about it. Tell next time...or until Lena comes and edits this!

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