Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Good: Day 23 (Or Less)

Well, I just had a great hour with my boys. Leif was working on a deadline project and I asked the boys to help me clean things up. It was just one of those times that I didn't have to fight them much to help. And once we cleaned up, because they helped, I wasn't feeling like a grizzly bear. We gradually moved into reading books together. One for Caleb, one for Jakob, and so on. We sat together and enjoyed each other's company. Then we easily moved into the bedtime routine. It was a refreshing moment. So grateful for times like those! At the very end as we were getting ready to pray Caleb did upset Jakob. After chiding Jakob for being a bit dramatic I did ask Caleb to tell Jakob he was sorry and it was precious to see Caleb go over to Jakob and give him a sincere hug and a kiss. Like I said, priceless!!

So, we went to another Dr appointment today. No progression except that the baby has grown and he is measuring (through ultrasound) head 39+weeks along and legs 38+ weeks along. As you can see from my ticker, technically, this baby is only supposed to be 36+ weeks along. So, it looks like I might have to make some decisions soon. The Dr, along with Leif and I, are not so sure that my body is up to the challenge of delivering a very large baby. Jakob and Caleb were 7+ pounds. Caleb was wedged in there (or something) but after pushing for a long long time, they had the use the baby vacuum to help suction him out. So a possible 8-9 pounder is a concern.

Dr. says to come in on Monday, if I haven't progressed to a point where he can use pitocin to start labor, then we might consider a C-section for a few days later. It's a bitter-sweet thought. I REALLY REALLY didn't want a C-section! But the thought of holding this little guy sooner then later, sounds VERY VERY enticing! So we'll see what happens. Leading up to that, can you guess what I'll be doing? You got it, HOMEWORK! Blah. Tonight though, I'm just going to feel the good vibes from the mama time I had with my boys... Sounds Good!


Melonee said...

Tough decisions ahead, for sure. As someone that had a c-section and then has had to fight tooth and nail for natural birthing options since then, I'd really, really not take that choice lightly. Over the past couple months, I've had three friends that are petite be induced early (37 weeks) due to a history of big babies. All three were able to deliver healthy babies and since they were early, the babies were all in the seven pound range instead of larger like the doctors feared they would be at 40 weeks. Recovery from a c-section is rough and you have a major risk of infection :( . It could also take away birthing options for you down the road and cause pregnancy complications (things like placental abruption and placenta previa are much more common after CS due to scar tissue). Also, remember that measurements by ultrasound have an error margin of up to 25%. So an US could measure the baby at 8lbs, but in reality it is only 6.

Not trying to scare you or be a negative Nancy, just trying to offer some things to think about :) I'm sure you won't take the decision lightly and will know what is the best route for you!

Molly said...

I have to agree with Melonee. C-sections are murder to recover from. They are so much worse than labor and delivery. Six weeks of pure agony. You can't enjoy a baby when you feel so much pain after a c-section. Ug, I cringe when I think back to mine.

My babies always measured large, but they were all in the 7lb range (except for my last one). :)

Well, good luck in making decisions. One way or the other, you'll have your sweet baby boy soon.

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