Saturday, July 03, 2010

Life is Good: Day 40 (Independence Day)

Happy Independence Day! We had a great one. We woke up early this morning for the traditional town fireman's breakfast. They usually wake us up with sirens. But not this year, that was a disappointment. But the breakfast and company was nice. I even walked to the park. It felt good for my phyci to be walking. But it wasn't the best idea. Oh Well!

We enjoyed the town parade shortly after breakfast. Always a short and sweet thing. The kids love the candy and the spray from the fire trucks.

Heather and her girls packed up and headed out soon after the parade. We were all really sad to see them go. We had a great time together and hope maybe they can come back sooner then later. We'll see...

Jakob woke up very grumpy this morning. He was ready for a nap before noon. We all were. So we enjoyed a long afternoon snooze. Unfortunately, Jakob woke up sick. We gave him medicine and thought he would be fine to go the the fireworks this evening. He seemed fine throughout the afternoon as we watched a few movies. But we were wrong. He threw up in the car (luckily in a bag) on the way to the fireworks. Thank Heavens grandma was there to help us along the way. We let Jakob decide whether to still go the fireworks or not. He chose to go. So we did and he rested on a blanket. The show was awesome. We had to sit and wait a long time, so it was nice that the fireworks lasted a long time. Caleb had a great time twirling the light sticks grandma had bought for the boys. He was very cute and happy the whole time. He just hummed and babbled to himself the whole time and on the way home. Jakob on the other hand threw up again as we drove home. So that was a bummer. Looks like we wore him completely out with all the fun this past week. Hopefully it will pass soon!

So, there it is, another small town Independence Day Celebration come and gone with some Good times and Good memories.

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Sandra said...

Happy 4th of July! So nice that Heather could celebrate with you. Hope he is feeling better.

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