Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life is Good: Day 35

Today was a much better day! Leif and I ran away to SG for the day and his good mother watched the kids. We picked up the last of the baby things we need. So we're all set there. We also got our car EXTRA clean, went out to a yummy meal, and went to the latest Twilight movie.
It was nice to be together and not feel like we're playing tag the whole time with the kids. Much better then yesterday!


Anonymous said...

So how did you like Eclipse?? I LOVED it!;)

Melonee said...

I saw Eclipse last weekend while we were in Idaho and it was great! It made me want to reread the books. Sounds like you had a great day on your much needed getaway! Yay for grandmas that are willing to watch kiddos!!

Heidi Hamilton said...

Yay - sounds like fun! Still haven't seen Eclipse, but just sounds nice to spend a day w/ just the hubby!

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