Friday, October 16, 2009

Sad Puppy Tales

Well, you all won! I write this with sad and mixed emotions... We have to sell our puppy. I have avoided writing about it because I can't take any "told you so" comments. So if you feel the urge, resist!

Lady is precious. Actually, there is nothing wrong with her. She is simply a puppy. And as many of you tried to warn me about, puppies are A LOT of Work! We told Jakob tonight and tears filled his eyes, which brought tears to my eyes, and it was all really sad. So why are we selling her?

Well, although I'd really like to have a grand reason like, she bit a whole through Jakob's bedroom door and devoured his stash of snacks, that's not the case. The truth is that she barks and wakes the kids up. She nipps at the kids non stop which leads to non stop screaming and a need for intervention. And potty training is a full time job. The truth is, She's a PUPPY!

It's a very sad story. I have grown to love her and I feel like I failed myself, my kids, and her. But with all that I have going on in life and all that is surely in the future, the current situation isn't working. So, we've put her on KSL classifieds and I hope I can confidently tell the people who call that YES, she is available. And then, I hope I'll be able to pass her to another family and not hate myself after it's all said and done.

So, that's the Sad Puppy Tale, folks. It is sad indeed!


Unknown said...

I don't blame you! We would do the same thing! You could always try getting an older dog. Or a really laid back cat. My aunt rescued one and brought it home to her kids. She had him declawed and he never bit her kids, even when her daughter would put the poor thing in her baby stroller and push her around. You have two boys to keep you busy! You shouldn't have to deal with a puppy too, besides at least you tried! We love you guys! Don't feel bad!

Dawson Family said...

Don't beat yourself up Lena. Puppies are hard work and with all you have going on it's no wonder you feel like right now isn't the best time to have her. Later when your kids are older and can help out more you can try again. Don't be too hard on yourself! Amy

Sandra said...

Oh Lena I'm sorry. Wow she is a cute dog! I had the same thought as the person who commented first. Have you thought about an older dog?

Mandy said...

Ahhh...I'm sorry! I have to say that this experience happened to our family when I was pregnant with Kenna. I really wanted our kids to experience the joy of a dog, but it was too soon and I found we just couldn't do it we have 3 dogs, 2 inside and 1 outside. For eveything there is a time and a was MUCH easier for me to raise a puppy when I was getting a full night's sleep (consistently) and I wasn't changing diapers!! So chin up Baron Family, I know you will find Lady a wonderful home and someday you too will have a houseful of dogs that your children will love and take care of!

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