Thursday, October 08, 2009

Family Home Evening Packets

I have 20 minutes until nap time! I really need nap time today. Mama's sick. No, I'm not pregnant. Just a cold that makes me want a day of bed rest. That ain't happening. So, I'll settle for a good nap. We'll see if that happens. Anyway, enough complaining. I'll tell you about the great thing that Jakob and I accomplished today... Well, I'm thrilled about it anyway;)

Jakob and I were reading out of the Children's Friend magazine this morning for our morning devotional. The last story we read talked about Family Home Evening. After talking about the story a bit Jakob asked me a very good question: "Why don't we have family home evening every week like they do?" ... And the child shall lead them.

That very moment I decided to act upon the desire I've had for months to create several FHE Packets. The spirit quickly gave me an idea of HOW I was going to accomplish this. I've been wanting to purchase a book that has games and ready-made activities in it. Instead, the prompting came to use what I already have been given in the Children's Friend magazine. Funny how something so simple took so long to recognize. Oh well... Jakob and I seized the moment... Finally!

During school time we sorted each magazine into piles according to years and months (I have to use any teaching moment possible.) Then we tore out each Sharing Time activity and any other games available. From there we glued, cut, and completed 9 weeks worth of activities. YIPPEE!!!

It feels so good to know that every Monday we can go to the stack of manila envelopes and choose an activity that is already to go. LOVE IT!!


Harmony said...

If you need some more ideas later I have a whole bunch my mom gave me a while ago in a big box and I have finally got them mostly sorted out.

Nicole said...

My mom was part of a group of around six women that made packets based on subjects. Each month they each had a topic made six of the same one and then got together and swapped. Every month they had six new packets. Some were more creative than others but they were all really fun. They used games and stories from all kinds of places. I look at them and wonder where they got all these different references because they didn't have the internet. Then I realize how sadly dependent I am on my computer!

Lena Baron said...

Amen! My mom did the same thing. I hope to get something together with some friends soon.

Janee said...

That is awesome! I've seriously been meaning to do this myself and start having more FHE - Maya LOVES it when we do!

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