Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heather - Reunion - Airplane - Keokuk

I have been planning for this trip for months. Originally we weren't going to Branson. But we added the exra days just after Caleb was born. Gratefully my parents are generous enough as well as my broher Jared to help us with the finances of the trip.

We really enjoyed our time with Heather and her girls. They are addorable! Jakob and the girls are finally old enough to play together without too much competition. It was nice for us to be able to visit with Heather and eat her delicious cooking!

Leif's family reunion was short (we were late) but it was nice to hear some family history and meet new family members.

Going to the cemetery for memorial day was a special experience. I was surprised that I got emotional at all. It is amazing the connection that we have with the girls even though we were not together long. Jakob is gradually starting to understand the concept of death (as much as a 3 year old can.)

Jakob and Caleb did Fantastic on the whole flight and the long drive from Kansas City. Jakob listened to stories and music on his I-Pod. Grandma played with him on the plane. He colored pictures and erased pictures on his white board, played with some of the folder games I made for him, and told stories together with Papa. Jakob also was our designated "Hero" for Caleb. He would not let me help Caleb from the front seat. So when I HAD to feed Caleb a bottle while on the drive, Jakob fed him and he fed him perfectly. Caleb especially appreciated his TLC! I hate feeding him like that, but I am grateful for my dear friend Harmony's pump she loaned me so I can feed Caleb bottles.

While driving we thoroughly enjoyed the lush green scenery around us. We were also surprised and excited to come upon an Amish couple riding in their horse and buggy on the highway that we were driving on. They waved and smiled big as we slowed down considerably so I could try and snap a picture. We also loved to see the old farm houses... It was a beautiful drive.

We were thrilled to arrive in Keokuk, Iowa and to find that our hotel was very nice and comfortable!

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