Monday, December 01, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Blah and A Lot To Do!

I wanted to find a picture that would show how I feel tonight. I think all of the "bad" food that we've eaten has really gotten to myself and Jakob. I woke up this morning feeling like junk! I haven't felt like this for a long time. Jakob has been a sassy little boy with ears that are definitely not working. He was even too wired to follow directions at dance tonight. Things should be fine by next week. We just ate the last of the chocolate and ice cream. So there are no more temptations in the house. Let's hope things start looking up. I have A LOT going on for the rest of the month. I hope I can keep the right perspective even though the following will be my schedule:

  • This week I have a RS Christmas party (need to make and take cookies), YW caroling at the nursing home, Table Decorating for a community Christmas Festival, and several English assignments.

  • Next week I have Leif's work party (he's in charge of it), YW in Excellence (I'm in charge), my Computer class Final, all English homework due.

  • The following week I have Leif's Christmas concert, Leif's finals week, the ward Christmas party (I have to make a PowerPoint presentation), Jakob's preschool party (have to buy 20 stocking stuffers), and all Christmas plans and presents need to be purchased-sent-wrapped-and finalized.

  • The final week we travel to my parents house, have a family Christmas party (need to find a Wise Man costume), Christmas, Fun!, Relaxation!!!!



Heidi Hamilton said...

ha - love the picture. I DEFINITELY have days like that - especially during the holidays and after eating too much junk.
Good luck with everything - looks like a packed schedule!

Sandra said...

Ahh..tis the season of chaos eh? Good luck with your to-do list. I'm the ward activity chairman so my main focus right now is our ward Christmas Party tomorrow night.

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