Monday, March 08, 2010

The Prayers of a Patriotic Child

Jakob always says the darndest things. But tonight I have the energy and I remember some of the things he said today, so I'll share.

Tonight I was giving Jakob a mini Family Home Evening lesson. I was basically going over the primary lesson I had taught on Sunday. We learned about the creation of the world and more specifically about trees, plants, and flowers. So I asked Jakob, "Why did God put trees on the earth?" Jakob responds, "So we could have food." I ask, "What kind of food?" He immediately answers with, "you know, pizza, bananas" I start laughing and then he realizes what he said and he can't stop laughing. It was just one of those sweet moments.

Jakob says the most unique prayers that I've ever heard come out of a five year old boys mouth. The first part of his prayers are almost always the same, for no other reason then it's what he's memorized in his own mind. We have asked him to try to think about what he's grateful for and try to include more in his prayers. So this is Jakob's bedtime prayer this evening:

"Father in Heaven, thank you for our food. Thank you for our world. Thank you for what everything in the world can do. Thank you for our challenges. Please bless all of the wars, that good will win in all of the wars."

During lunch Jakob thanked Heavenly Father for our country. I believe I have a very patriotic son on my hands. And as for him thanking God for our challenges, I only WISH that he's heard me say that in one of my prayers. It's all him. Every thought and every word. Okay, I guess we taught him to be thankful for his food, he must be VERY thankful if he's still saying that at bedtime;)

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Harmony said...

Great Prayers. I really think that kids are our greatest teachers.

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