Thursday, April 08, 2010

Our Caleb Is Two Years Old

My Precious Little Caleb is two years old. He's still my Bright Eyes! Oh how we love him! Right now it's just he and I in the house and he's content to play with his toys. Well, almost content. He does get quite frustrated when the toys aren't doing just what he wants them to do. Being patient is NOT his favorite thing to do right now. Now Laughing, that is definitely a favorite. Wrestling, another favorite. Teasing, ahh, he's very good at teasing! He is still willing to snuggle with me in the morning when I get him out of bed too. For that I am grateful.

So far, Caleb has a language of his own. Oh the stories that he tells. He'll go on and on, laughing and carrying on as if we understand every word. It's priceless! He's mastered a very few words. But no worries. My little ones take a while to talk. Then, it's all I can do to quiet them...

Caleb is standing at my desk begging me to do something with his shoes. Caleb LOVES shoes! The problem is keeping them on. The only shoes I can keep on his feet are his Robeez. They are leather moccasins. I have had to apply duct tape to the soles one then one time. I finally broke down today and bought a new pair that has rubber soles. They are EXPENSIVE ($30+) Ugg! But the elastic around the tops make it hard to pry them off for some reason. I sure hope these new ones work like the worn out pair he now uses.

And now, I turn my head and see Caleb following through with yet another interest. This one is VERY annoying. He has a pen and is decorating his toys with it. If I don't watch him, he and everything else around him will be covered in ink. PAPER! We keep trying to get him to stick to drawing on PAPER! OHHH!! He got to my shoe!! Stupid Pens!

Well, he's two, right!? That excuses everything, right!? I WISH! So, anyway I'll go back to the LOVE this kid part. I do!! We all do! Happy Birthday Little One!!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!
It looks like you had a really fun time celebrating your birthday.

Love you!
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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