Saturday, December 11, 2010

Full Day Kindergarten In The Future

Up to this point Jakob's kindergarten has been a half day program. He enjoys it. Surprisingly, the school made the decision to make it a full day program at the beginning of the new year. There are mixed opinions by the parents about whether it's a good thing or not. Personally, it works well for us. I think Jakob will enjoy it. And it will be very nice not to have to haul the little boys down the stairs and out to the school to pick Jakob up. This way Leif can take Jakob to and from school. Very Nice!


Melonee said...

Chloe went to all day kindy and loved it. It was definately the best option for her. They had so much more time for learning and everything wasn't so rushed to get it done in 2.75 hours. I'm sure Jakob will have a great time!

Sandra said...

I think it would be tough and good at the same time. A full day really tuckers them out but it will prepare them for the full days of the coming years.

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