Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Am I?

I decided to update my profile description. This is what I've had written for the last year or so.

I am a husband loving, children focusing, time scheduling, 1000 square foot living, home schooling, ever praying, too much chocolate eating, friend listening, exercise trying, wellness seeking, wife of one full time working - ever schooling, mother of three who are very much living and two who are heaven living.
I most often answer to, Mama!


Sandra said...

Nice change. Ya know it wasn't till I read your profile that I noticed I didn't have one ha ha.

Melonee said...

Sounds great! BTW- our family of five has lived in a 890 sq ft, two bedroom house for the past two years, so know that you aren't alone in the small home department :)

Lena Baron said...

Thanks Sandra. Glad I could be a reminder;)

Thanks Melonee! I look forward to the days of bigger houses... But until then, let's be grateful for having a house at all, right!?

Faith 'n Family said...

Cute profile. Very true!
Where did you get the link to the Mormon messages for your blog?

Lena Baron said...

I actually just put a photo on the sidebar and put the mormon messages link with it.
You go to your Design page of your blog (upper right hand of your blog). Click Add a Gadget. Click "Picture"
Upload a Photo (I found one off of google, searched Mormon Messages) In the Link line I put And there you have it! Call me if you have any problems and I can help ya! Good Luck!

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