Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunshine through the Storm Clouds

Sitting here at my kitchen table eating dark chocolate M&Ms- Listening to Lady Antebellum on Pandora - Lights are out - Kids are finally asleep - Air conditioning humming in the background finally says its under 80 degrees in the house - It's my time - Time to try to breathe - Time to try to wrap my head around life and its realities - I put dinner on the table tonight, strapped the Littles in their highchairs - and walked out the door.

Walking - Away - Not too far - Just Away - Away from the flying Hot Pocket - Away from the screams - Away from the spilled breakfast cereal still on the floor - Away from the broken A/C in the new mini van - Away from the broken Wii (A.K.A Netflix) remotes - Away from the emptiness of my evenings - Away

And then I looked up. I looked up and I saw the sun shine through the storm clouds. And just for a moment, I knew - I knew that through all of the storms - Through all of the loneliness - Through all of the disappointments - Beauty still exists - We just have to look up! And some how - Some day - Some way - All will be well. - All will be well!

  • Leif came home for the 4th of July and we had a wonderful time together in beautiful Alton, Utah with good family and friends, and most importantly, we were together.
  • My doctor called me to tell me that there isn't an endocrinologist anywhere within a five hours drive. But he called one and was told to have me get an MRI and Mammogram. I have to go to Flagstaff for those tests, 3 hours south. A good excuse to go see Leif. 
  • One of Leif's roommates moved out and left an empty room for the last two weeks of July. We took the opportunity as a blessing and I will take the boys and we will be with Leif for two weeks. So Grateful!
  • Unfortunately, the Air Conditioner in our new van went out this week. I will be driving without A/C for a while. But, I am grateful for the four wheels and engine that gets me around. So Grateful!
  • I can't wait to get away. I need to get away and back to the other half of my heart. 
  • Can't Wait!


Heidi Hamilton said...

That was beautiful, Lena. And so true! Looking up always makes me feel better :) Pray that you have a wonderful time in those 2 weeks. So sorry about your A/C. Yikes! :(

Sandra said...

That picture is gorgeous. Great that you can see Leif for a few weeks. I love the way you say it. The other half of your heart :) I know when I'm having a day when I've reached my max I try to focus on all the blessings it's amazing how that always works to change how I view things.

Faith 'n Family said...

Beautiful Lena!
Thanks for the Reminder...through life's challenges there is beauty when we look up.

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