Friday, January 04, 2013

A Journey Worth the Sacrifices

We are coming to the end of an Amazing journey!! When we decided to take on "the journey", we worried that it might be not be possible. However, some how, miraculously, the journey has been possible... Hard at times: Yes! But So Very worth the sacrifices!

On Sunday December 2nd we found out that a dear family member who lives in North Carolina had become very ill. Exactly one week later on December 9th our little family pulled out of our driveway in our mini van to begin the journey to North Carolina to help our family in need.

By the time we pull back in to our driveway in Arizona we will have traveled over 6000 miles. We have driven through 9 different states. We will have stayed in 8 different hotels. And we will have driven close to 100 hours together. Incredible!  

It took us five days to get to North Carolina. We spent 17 days there. During that time we were able to visit with family that we haven't been able to spend time with for years. We cared for this family along side my good parents who also traveled (from Missouri) to help. It was a very good thing that we were all together to help, support, and entertain each other. And what a blessing to have the space for all of us to live together comfortably! North Carolina was beautiful and the time there was a blessing. It was far from easy! In fact, it was flat out hard! But I wouldn't change the decision we made to go for a minute. I don't think any of us would. There were many great memories made and lessons taught and learned by all.

We pulled out of North Carolina on December 29th and headed toward our future "home state" of Missouri. Our goal for stopping in Missouri was to visit family. But to also meet with a recruiter at the hospital (Mercy) that Leif will be working for in MO after his graduation. We were also on the look out for our potential neighborhood.  I found it very interesting that while traveling through so many beautiful states none of them brought me contentment until we drove into Missouri. This is where we are supposed to end up. It will be incredibly hard to leave our family and friends in Fredonia. But I am grateful for the peace I feel about moving to Missouri.

We have spent 5 days here in Missouri. Leif and I were able to go to his meeting thanks to Grandpa Hunt and his willingness to take care of the boys for an entire day. He took on the adventure with gusto and took the boys out to a Burger King with a playground and he even changed a messy diaper!  He won Awesome Grandpa points for sure!! Grandma was sad that she missed out on the fun. Unfortunately, she got a stomach bug that kept her in bed!:(

Today we stayed in one place (my uncle's beautiful home that the family's dubbed the "Westwood's Bed and Breakfast") and we spread the word that we would provide the food if everyone else wanted to provide the company. Gratefully, our plan was a great success! We ended up having a great time filled with visiting, games, and food!!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the last leg of our journey. We will head out homeward bound. We will be home in 3 days on January 7th (my birthday:) . That will make our journey almost exactly one month long. Truly Incredible! 


Janee said...

I had no idea you guys were moving to MO! Where about? I love St. Louis. We need to definitely get together before you go. I'm bummed because I'll be in Flag this weekend. We will just miss you! You aren't moving till May right?

Heidi Hamilton said...

Hey Lena!! I know this journey has been a rough one for you & your family. I'm also glad that you are awesome enough to learn some things and have fun, too. We are still praying for your family - keep me posted. And even though we haven't seen each other much the past couple years, knowing your close has been nice. It will be sad when you move away, but you know we only wish the best for you guys. Love ya!

Faith 'n Family said...

I'm so glad it worked out that you were able to go! Memories to last a lifetime!

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