Wednesday, November 06, 2013

We're Still Truckin' Along - Singin' a Song!

We are still living in the Ranch House on the Civil War Ranch. We love the home, scenery, family, our animals, the schools, and the primary. They have all been a bounteous blessing in our lives!! Our most difficult struggle is Leif's commute to work. He works a night shift as a RN in Springfield. This is a 90 Minute Commute - One Way. He works 4-5 12 hour shifts per work week. Our life closely resembles what it was like when he lived in Flagstaff away from home as he went to Nursing School. Gratefully we see him a little more often now then we did then. But life often feels chaotic and drained. We have chosen this route so far because it works the best financially at the moment. But it's starting to wear on everything. So we're trying to step up our thoughts and actions even more about finding a way to be a little more "normal" in our life. Either find a home out closer to his work. Or a job closer to here because of the great schools and family. We are back at trying to decide about renting or buying and making one work in the right place. Uggg! Really. 
Works A LOT! And they Love him! He is a great nurse with a gifted bedside manor. Gratefully, he enjoys his job so far as well. But he's getting pretty tired with the schedule and then a 3 hour commute. He serves as the teenager Sunday School teacher on Sundays. And Super Papa and Hubby 24/7. 
I'm just trying to keep things afloat. I desperately wish I could do it all better. But it is what it is. My health is a constant journey. I just recently finished a round of Prednisone (steroids) and that usually helps me feel somewhat better for a couple few months (minus the added weight that comes and never leaves). So Far we've ruled out Lupus with testing. Ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis through testing. Sure diagnosis' are no surprise: Epstein Barr Virus (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) through testing and Fibromyalgia. The latest discussion is about Osteo Arthritis. We are still trying to look in to the tumors and issues on my pituitary gland and brain. I talked briefly with the Pediatric Neurologist that we met with for Caleb and he told me to insist on seeing an Endocrinologist and to get another MRI. His suggestions will most likely help move things along with my doctor who's gotten hung up on some of my other issues. But other then all of that, I'm great!! -wink wink- 

We have three really neat boys!! I watch them interact with the world and people around them and I am often fascinated with how they are able to bring a special light into the eyes of those around them. This is a blessing to be able to see this as their mother. Mostly, because I know of their personal struggles that are wrapped up within their precious gifts. Leif and I are striving to help the boys work through their struggles without excuses and carefully protect their light and train them up in a way that they will be able to function in the world as the best people they are called to be. Caleb and Jakob both attend a Wonderful school that fits perfectly with their needs right now. We feel blessed to be able to send them there. 
This month marks our girls' seven year anniversary. They were born on October 30, 2006. Our LeOra had already passed by that point. And our Rhea slipped into heaven seven years ago tomorrow on the 7th (2006.) This year we have missed them as playmates for the kids and Leif and I have missed what could have been some little girl company. I have shed a few tears over the lost chances of passing down favorite dolls, choosing dresses for special occasions, and imaginations of them running through the fields here on the Ranch. But overall it is a precious comfort to know that they were spared the potential and tremendous hardships earth life would have allotted them. Evenstill: We miss them and are forever grateful for our Eternal Family!
Pray Together
Read Scriptures Together
Strive for Peace Within Ourselves and Within the Walls of our Home.

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Harmony said...

As always I enjoy your blog posts. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I was also wondering if you ever tried doTerra's Zendocrine to support the endocrine system?

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