Thursday, January 01, 2015

Stop Licking The Cart

Poor Leif walked in from work after a very long day with a six patient-load minimum and I welcomed him with the wild and crazy idea that we should do our grocery shopping tonight instead of tomorrow so he and the boys had more time to play on his day off. The amazing guy agreed to the crazy idea.

Truthfully, it's nice shopping late. The crazies are out. We fit right in with the crazies. I mean just imagine walking past the cereal aisle and finding a mother prying her son away from the shopping cart for the umpteenth time and overhearing her say, "Do you want to end up in the hospital!? Just keep licking that cart and you'll end up in the hospital. That cart is covered in millions of germs and you are licking them all up! You Have To STOP LICKING THE CART!!" 

Like I said, we fit right in!

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