Thursday, March 07, 2019

The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon Timeline

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Our friend Haley who was baptized last month is coming over tonight for a "lesson." That's what she likes to call our visits about the gospel. :)  I asked her what she wants to talk about and she said she wants to talk about how the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible are written during some of the same time periods and how that correlates. This will be a fun visual for my kids as well as Haley.

I found some great resources to help us visualize and put things into perspective. I'm always so grateful when I don't have to "reinvent the will."  Other people have already done all of the hard work. 

Here is a website that has compiled a timeline of the two books together. How awesome is this!!??
I will use a basic world map to show the different parts of the world where the events of the books are happening (The Holy Land and The Americas). I'm looking forward to our discussion and visit. 

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