Monday, September 20, 2021

Time To Ask For Help

Well, we've come to a point now in our new home in Auburn, CA that it's time to call in reinforcements. I battle chronic fatigue on a daily basis. But I also have an auto inflammatory disease called Behcet's. The Behcet's has been under control for over a year. But it flared up a couple of weeks ago. We had a nanny in our last home and I think that made all the difference. It's time to find help here in our new home.

Previously our nanny did a 50/50 amount of child care and cleaning. Currently, I think we don't need as much childcare as we need help keeping our house put together and clean. Very sadly, when I am extra sick I am only able to use my strength on giving quality time to my family. This means the house can get very messy, quickly. Even if the boys do their chores. 

I need someone to come over two or three times each week. The first couple of weeks will probably be more involved as there is build up of piles and things to be done. But as time goes on and a routine is followed it will probably become less involved and more of maintaining. As for particular duties; I need help with keeping the living areas organized, clean, and tidy. So the living room, kitchen/dining, all floors, and 1 &1/2 bathrooms. I definitely could use help with folding clean laundry too.

On a few occasions in the month we might ask our Helper to watch Joshua, our 4 year old, so we can go out. 

Whoever comes to help will need to be comfortable and confident enough to go about their duties along side the household and its happenings. Someone who is experienced and able to see what needs to be done and do it without being asked. 

This person will need to be understanding and not prone to judgment or criticism. Someone who understands that I am rationing my strength rather then being a lazy mother. 

I have been sick for my children's whole lives. So they are all accustomed to our lifestyle. Because of this, we are ALL incredibly grateful for any help at all that we get to keep things together. 

When it comes to days and hours, all of that is flexible. The best timeframe would be any times between 9AM and 4PM. We pay $20.00 per/hrs up to 10 hrs per/week. 

Any days other then Sunday are open. Leif works as a Contract Nurse Manager in San Leandro (by San Francisco) and is only home about 3 or 4 days out of the week. Which is another reason why help is so appreciated. 

If our House Helper is interested, we have extra projects that we need help with around the house. Such as helping the boys organize their new rooms and put things where they belong. All the way to Large projects that will most likely require a few people. Such as organizing the garage and taking Thrift items to the Thrift store. These pro
We don't have any pets of our own. But whoever helps us will need to be able to be around kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs, as we foster them for local rescues and often have a pen or two of babies. Our Helper won't be expected to help with their upkeep. But they are welcome to hold them and play if they want to. 

We will sign a work agreement with our Helper for a 3 month timeframe (the same length as Leif's contracts.) At the end of each contract we will all reevaluate how things are going and whether or not the agreement will continue.  We are able to pay our Helper through a Pay Roll company or Cash. Whatever they prefer. If after reading this you're interested in this position, let me know and we'll set up a home visit.

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