Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Last night I lay thinking about the current #10yearchallenge. All that happened in the past 10 years. But then it hit me. All of the monumental things that are hoped for in the upcoming 10 years. I'll be the first to tell anyone that nothing planned, is sure. But we can work for it and hope, until it becomes an experience and memories. 

In the next ten years all of the milestones are those that have been planned for, taught about, saved for, worked towards, and hoped for; forever. Since the beginning of our family.

In the next ten years we can hope that I can get Joshua potty trained and sleeping through the night in his own bed.😆 

Seriously though, in the next ten years there is potential for three high school graduations. Three temple endowments. Three missionaries. Three returned missionaries. Three college students. There's even the potential for three weddings.

Leif has potential for multiple promotions and job milestones. In ten years Joshua should be baptized, ordained a deacon and a teacher. And will be preparing for high school. And me, well, I'll be walking along side each of these amazing people cheering them on as they reach their incredible potentials. Making sure their shirts aren't inside-out.😉💗💗 And then there's Stevie. He has the potential of gaining 20 pounds and becoming a rotund couch potato. Let's hope none of us have that same potential within these next ten years.🤣

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