Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparing For My Pregnancy Journey - Sickness

This afternoon Jakob and I were sitting in the rocking chair together watching Caleb play his silly games. Jakob chuckled at Caleb and said, "I'm so glad we had a baby. We need another baby!" How can that not melt a mother's heart?

When I married Leif I was a nanny for a family with six children. I had been a nanny previously for 10 years. So naturally I felt prepared for motherhood. Four months after we were married I was pregnant with Jakob. But the bliss only lasted a week. From five weeks on I was very very sick. I have talked about this on several occasions. So I won't go on with stories. I will just say that I have never quite recovered from the shock that runs through me every time I get to my sixth week of pregnancy. Luckily I can begin eating again by the 12th week. But that is only due to the medication that I take until around the fifth month. So, with that said, you will understand why pregnancy takes preparation for our family. This blog is my thinking corner. A place where I plan and discuss my plans. So, tonight I will discuss some of the ways that I prepare for a pregnancy.


First and foremost I am preparing my body and spirit. I take a very high grade prenatal vitamin, Liquid vitamin B complex, and Omega 3's. Spiritually I try to stay in tune with the guidance and inspiration from the Lord as I study, plan, and prepare. In the end, I put my journey into His hands.

Before I become pregnant (I usually have a pretty good idea of the time frame) I will order liquid vitamins as well as liquid Paxil. Because I can't keep food down I can't keep medication down. So then I have to deal with the cursed withdrawal symptoms that come from the lack of medication. So I have decided to try a liquid form of my medication which will absorb quickly. I will stock up on gingersnaps, string cheese, and yogurt. I have also liked frozen fruit in the past, so I'll stock up on that. I also learned that the ions in water can cause nausea for some pregnant women. This was true for me, so I drink Gatorade, juice, and ginger soda. I also want to use essential oils. So far I've heard that peppermint, fennel, and ginger are most helpful. Once I am pregnant I immediately contact the doctor and make an appointment. By week five I go in and am tested to make sure my progesterone level is high enough to sustain a pregnancy. If not, I take progesterone. However, this time I am taking Vitex (an herb) so I'm hoping my progesterone level will be balanced. I also get a prescription for Zofran. I very much dislike taking medication during pregnancy. But there a couple that I take out of requirement. I have also accepted the necessity for frequent intravenous fluids. So I will either go to the hospital often, or have it set up so I can do it at home. Great Fun! And finally, I find a good series of books to keep me inspired and away from wallowing in self pity.


This is the most pressing need for me as I prepare. It's frustrating to know that what I struggle with makes life so much harder for Leif and the kids. He is kind about it of course. But I feel bad and try to help beforehand as much as possible. I try to get the house as deep cleaned as possible. We spend one day together and prepare one months worth of dinner meals to freeze. We will also stock up on food items to make easy lunches, snacks, and breakfasts. My calling in church is to work with the Young Women. So I have gotten to know them well, as well as many other good women in the ward. So I will call on their sisterhood (those who are able and willing.) I will organize games, books, and movies for the kids to play that won't require too much effort or movement on my part. And in the end, I will PRAY!


This has been the question I have asked six years and four pregnancies. Well, I think I have come to my conclusion. There are many theories about why women have pregnancy sickness. Some reasons are low blood sugar, stress, lack of vitamin B, H-Pylori (a bacteria in the gut), and a reaction the the hormone changes and new chemicals. I believe that this is my issue.

This summer I followed the HCG Diet. It is a diet where you inject a small amount of the HCG into your body. HCG is the hormone produced when you become pregnant. And it induces weight loss. When I was on this diet I was Very weak. I felt horrible. Worse then I was typically supposed to feel. I believe that my body has an adverse reaction to the HCG hormone that is produced in abundance when your first pregnant. So, that's my answer.

I would truly love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to cope with the pregnancy illness, and how to help my family while I am down. Feel free to share!


Patricia Potts said...

I love your blog Lena. You gave many specific ideas. I plan to add this to my next newsletter about HOW SMALL IDEAS CAN MAKE BIG DIFFERENCES.

My story is similar to yours in terms of sickness. Many a throw up bucket has been emptied at our house.

God bless you for listening to your heart and having the courage to take on such a task!

Kevin said...

I feel for you. I only get slightly sick when I'm pregnant but thats enough. I don't usually throw up and I have a problem of overeating instead of keeping food down ha ha. It's great that you can prepare yourself. There is a girl in our ward who is pregnant for the whole pregnancy. I feel so bad for her. So does this mean your planning a pregnancy soon?

Anonymous said...

When you have just started homeschool, are you ready to undertake a pregnancy, knowing how sick you get? With Leif so busy in school and work, can he care for a sick, almost non-functional, wife and his children and still keep up with his work and school load? You just took on the major commitment to homeschool. Make sure there is a plan for Jakob's education since you will probably not feel up to school for those months. Gook luck in your decisions and plans.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Lena - I have a sister (who will remain unnamed :) who is finally getting ready to launch on her journey to get pregnant. Who knows how long it will take, but these are great ideas I hope to share with her.
I truly hope & pray that things go well. I'm thankful that you are armed with so much knowledge, a positive attitude, & most importantly, TRUST in your Father's care.

Melissa F said...

You are so organized. I am impressed with the preparations. I feel like a whiner for complaining with how sick I got for my pregnancy. It sounds like it was nothing compared to you. I hope everything goes well!
To comment on your post about being offended. I think Leif sounds like a wonderful and amazing husband.

Janee said...

Wow girl! I have no suggestions! I'm a crappy friend! My pregnancy sickness was SO bad that we aren't having anymore kids! LOL! No seriously, it was that bad so more power to ya!

Unknown said...

Just for the record, you are amazing! Anyone who wants to make you doubt otherwise ought to keep their opinions to themselves! ( this is directed towards the anonymous comment!!). I fully believe you can homeschool and be pregnant. You know your body so well now and how to handle the pregnancy sickness. I would have been quite offeneded by that too! I wish Seth and weren't so far away so I could fill in for you when you need a day or two to rest!

Lena Baron said...

You are very sweet. Thank you Valen! I have wished you were here many times!!!! God Bless;) -Lena

Unknown said...

Hopefully we will be soon! We are hoping to fly out to vist for Thanksgiving. If we are pregnant this cycle, then I think I'll be in my second trimester my then..hopefully..well I would be like two days after flying in, so hopefully it will be ok for us to fly. The only bad things is that tickets are SOOOO expensive! It's between $600-$800 per person and thats to fly into Las Vegas :-/. Anyway, call or write if you need anything! We love you guys!

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