Friday, September 04, 2009

Reflecting Upon My Day

I need to review my day. It feels like I've done a lot. But in reality, my list is still long. I think today I did a lot of things that came up that weren't even on my list. You know how it is... Take a minute and reflect with me on my day.:)

Let's see: Leif purposely didn't close the chickens in their coop last night so that he/we could sleep in this morning. Lady woke me up at 6:00AM for her routine morning run out in the yard. I read my scriptures (Sure appreciate the silent reading time!) Then I brought her in. She was extra needy and didn't want to go back to sleep. If she barks, Caleb wakes up. If Caleb wakes up, Jakob wakes up. If Jakob wakes up, we ALL wake up. So, I got up with Lady and worked on the computer. Lady eventually calmed down at 6:50 so I went back to bed. I climbed in bed, snuggled up to Leif, and the phone rang. Yep! It was for me. A nice woman asking me to be a hostess at the Women's Forum this month. Not a problem. Was looking forward to going anyway, now I get in free and a dinner the night before with Leif! SWEET! So, I talked quiet enough on the phone that all was still quiet in the house. So I snuggled back up to Leif and pretended that I could actually fall back to sleep. Ya, right! My mind planned the rest of my life for me as I laid in bed. Finally, some time shortly after 8:00AM we heard Jakob's voice outside his door, "8:00!! 8:00! Morning Time! 8:00!" Sweet boy, he knows the drill. He can't call out to us unless the clock in his room says 7:00 on school days and 8:00 on weekends. So, the day had begun.

We made Monster pancakes for breakfast. We have a sudden need for such meals. The chickens are blessing us with eggs. It was fun to compare our chicken eggs to the last of our store bought eggs. Our egg's whites are extremely firm. I have never seen egg whites so firm. Neat!

After breakfast, Leif won my heart yet again. He headed out the door hand in hand with Jakob and a bag of library books to return. He told me last night that his plan for today was to spend quality time with Jakob at the library reading stories together. They were there for over three hours. They read together and then participated in the Story Hour that the librarians present every Friday for the community. So, ten-fifteen years from now when Jakob's sick of us, hopefully reminding Jakob of these precious moments will soften him up a bit. Hopefully;)

While Jakob and Leif were at the library I worked on shopping online that I've been trying to do this whole week. I got almost all of it done. I stopped because I didn't want to spend any more money.

From there, it is all kind of a blur. I prepared lunch while Leif ran to the store to get sour cream for me so I could put a cake in the slow cooker. We ate lunch and then laid everyone down for nap. Caleb woke up fussy. He was fussy for the rest of the day. He just followed me around and fussed. It didn't take long to realize that a fever had set in. His routine fever that comes around for one week out of the month. What a pain!!

I finally showered while everyone rested. Leif took Lady outside so she wouldn't wake Caleb up (I laid him down again.) My mind didn't let me rest for long. I decided to head outside with Leif and be productive. We decided to figure out how we could give lady more space for her den. Well, we concluded with a baby crib. Leif's parents have many random items floating around on the property. There are a couple of old baby cribs amongst these items. So, we brought one upstairs and put Lady in it in place of the pack n' play she's been in. I spent a while weaving and sewing material through the rails to keep Lady from climbing through. She's finally calmed down, but she's not too thrilled with her new home. Mostly because she can't see through the rails like she could see through the mesh sides of the pack n' play. Hopefully she chills out. It was a lot of work to have her fuss about it!

Then it was dinner time. Leif made pasta Alfredo, MMM! From there we all headed outside to close up the chickens, let Lady run, and enjoy the neat lightning storm that was headed our way.

Now the boys and Lady are finally asleep and we just ate a bowl of my FAVORITE chocolate cake (slow cooker pudding cake) and ice cream. And I just gave you a play by play of our day.

I have no idea why I felt the need to give a run down of our whole day. Maybe it's to help me realize that much was accomplished in this day even though I still have dirty floors and piles of papers tilting towards the edge of my desk. The accomplishments of the day were family based. We ate three meals at our table and prayed together. We cared for our animals together. We read together. Tickled each other. And Loved each other. So in the end, all is well!


Patricia Potts said...

Once again, thanks for letting us join your life Lena. Congrats on the free dinner too! What a blessing.

Harmony said...

Hey Lena do they need any other hostesses? I would love to help.

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