Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our House Was Protected

Our eyes were opened this afternoon to the blessings that come from a merciful Father in heaven. My parents came to visit this weekend from up north. We have had a wonderful time. But we have stayed up later then usual and were very tired this morning (Sunday.) We had to make a conscious decision to go to church today, rather than going "as usual."

Upon our arrival home from church we were greeted with the front door wide open and the smell of smoke overwhelmingly strong in the air. My first thought was, "good heavens mom, popcorn for breakfast!?" But my parents soon explained the true source of the smoke.

My dad has come up each morning that he's been here to take a shower. Apparently a shower wasn't in his plans this morning. He was going to sleep in late with my mom. Well, he said that he woke up a bit earlier then expected and he just felt like taking a nice shower. My mom tried to get him to stay in the trailer. But he just felt like going up (which is a big deal because it's a long flight of stairs which isn't easy for my dad who uses crutches.) So he made the trek up the stairs only to find that the house was thick with smoke. He immediately went to the baby chick brooding box that holds seven baby chicks warmed by a heat lamp. Sure enough, the heat lamp had fallen face first into the sawdust and was only a few minutes away from bursting into flames.

To think that Father in Heaven, He who holds the universe and it's inhabitants in His hands, is aware of our tiny little cottage in our tiny little town, and was willing to send the prompting to my earthly father to make the trek necessary to spare us, is profoundly humbling.

The rest of our day was filled with prayers of thanks for this precious gift and mercy.

Thank you to both of my Father's for their love and care!


Heidi Hamilton said...

Wow!! Isn't God great and merciful?
that is awesome - one of the miracles for the years to come.
I'm so glad everyone and everything is OK.

Sandra said...

Wow that's great that he was there. That nothing further happened. Fathers rock he he.

Faith 'n Family said...

What a blessing!

Steph said...

What a great blessing!

Nicole said...

What happened to the chicks?

Unknown said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear that everything was ok. I truly are blessed.

As on off-topic question, I noticed you haven't commented on your GCNM studies lately. Is it not going so well? Not what you expected? Or did you just choose to not continue with it?

Lena Baron said...

C Hall, I just haven't had time to update my Mama's Notebook Blog. And I haven't had the time to finish up with GCNM. My hope is to finish up with it soon. I will try to post an update on Mama's Notebook about my GCNM thoughts this weekend. Take Care!!

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