Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Final Recap of The Christmas Festivities

Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness, I am so far behind....

Hopefully this post will be interesting. If not, just chalk it up as a "For The Record!"

We'll start with the few days leading up to Christmas:

PRE-CHRISTMAS:We went to Erik's house (Leif's brother) and played in the deep snow with them. Erik brought his industrial snow blower out and blew all of the snow into a pile. The guys then dug out the middle and made a snow cave. So we had fun climbing in and out, taking pictures, and throwing snowballs. Stacy then made us an awesome meal with yummy goodies on the side. Hot cocoa being part of the days festivities as well, of course. It was a great day filled with fun memories.

We sold our camera. So I'm still working on gathering photos from everyone elses cameras.

Our advent candle scripture reading didn't go over as well as we had hoped. The kids are still too little and by the end of the day we were lucky to be cheerful enough to just read a verse of scripture before bed. So, hopefully it will go better next year.

We were blessed this year to receive a beautiful bedroom set from some friends for the boys. It is a bunk bed set made of sturdy hard wood with shelves, a desk, dresser drawers, and a toy chest. The boys were THRILLED and I was even more so. Jakob was heard saying, "It has everything I could possibly need!" Now he says, "I have a jungle gym right in my room!!" A true blessing.:)

CHRISTMAS EVE: We had a wonderful Christmas Eve gathering with some of Leif's family. The highlight for me was sitting around together and singing Christmas Carols. Leif's mom has stacks of vintage music books filled with great songs. It was a wonderful night filled with the Spirit of Christmas. Grandpa Baron also read a couple of stories to all of us. One of them was Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater. The kids loved it and it was the perfect introduction to Caleb and Jakob's Christmas Eve gifts. My sister sent them each a beautifully handmade sweater and a hat (and gloves for Caleb). She even made Lady Bug a sweater. She is very talented and the room was filled with ooo's and ahhh's as we passed around the soft sweaters and then had the boys try them on. To close the night Leif read from the Bible Luke chapter 2 (Christ's birth). The spirit was strong as he read and Grandpa Dixon followed up the story by adding his testimony of Christ's birth with a reminder that it is Christ's life that we should celebrate throughout the year and try to emulate. A precious night, indeed!

CHRISTMAS: Christmas morning started out around 7:00. So, not too bad. The kids woke us up, we woke grandma and grandpa Baron up, then we went into the boys' room to wait until they came up. Leif and I told the boys stories of what it was like for us when we were little waiting on Christmas morning. Leif crawled up into the new bunk bed and played with the boys as I got things a bit more situated. Grandma and Grandpa arrived soon and the gift giving and opening began. No disappointments here! Jakob got his first remote control tank. Caleb got enough trucks to carry and army, and we're all enjoying our splurge (a Wii.)
After the gift exchange was finished we all gathered down to Grandma's where she made us her traditional (I don't know how to spell it!:) Ellboskeezers breakfast. It's a Scandinavian breakfast that her mother used to make for them when she was growing up. So the morning was filled with much giving and grateful hearts. The rest of the day was filled with music, food, and fun!

POST CHRISTMAS - NEW YEARS: Leading up to Christmas we didn't know how I would be feeling as the pregnancy progressed. So we didn't make any plans for traveling. As it turned out I have been blessed with strength this pregnancy and we were able to travel. So we loaded up and headed North. We stayed for several days and visited with Leif's sister and my parents and brother. The fun memories mostly revolve around food since that is what I was required to do in order to stay well, EAT. And eat we did. It was fun. We enjoyed a birthday party at Leatherby's (a local favorite Ice Cream Parlor.) Jakob and Grandpa Hunt made memories as the shared a gigantic Mud Pie from Red Robin's. We enjoyed the diving show at the Mayan restaurant, and many more yummy treats, including a delicious soup made by Grandma Hunt. My Mom and Dad talked us in to seeing Avatar on the big screen while we had the chance. It really was amazing!

I can't really say that we welcomed in the New Year. By that day I was feeling pretty pregnant and it was time to come home. We watched the Jazz game and had pizza delivered on New Years Eve. Then we were woke up by fireworks at midnight. So hopefully this upcoming year will be as easygoing as our celebration was welcoming it in.

BACK TO REALITY: So here we are the holiday season's come and gone. And we're back to reality. Sunday night we were talking about the fact that Leif was going back to work the next day. Jakob looked at me seriously and said, "we really need to do home school, Mama!" I was grateful that he recognized it's absence and I didn't have to fight him the next day to get back into the swing of things. In fact we've taken a step forward and he is working on his reading along with other things. He's doing well. I took a Dick and Jane early reader and rewrote it to be geared more toward Jakob. It's really helped!!

The Wii has also been a great addition to our world. We have never been so active as a family. Sad, but true. Whatever works, huh? I've found that I feel better when I'm up and moving. So I try to do something on the Wii Fit Plus every day. Today I did my Yoga routine and earned First Place in the Hula Hoop!:) Jakob LOVES the island bike ride and the obstacle course. Leif loves it all!

It sounds like Caleb may get the back seat in our world. But that's not actually the case. He's right along side us with whatever we're doing. He runs with Jakob or stretches with me. He reads his books while Jakob does his school work. And then, there are the times that he's in Time Out. That's after he tries to push me over as I'm pretending to be a tree in Yoga. Or he's pulled Jakob's feet off of the board and covered it with his body instead. Or, he's decided to rip the pages out of the library book. So, Caleb is just as involved in our everyday good and bad as Jakob, Leif, and I. In fact, he's rivaling Jakob in making sure he's the center of it all.

When it comes to the new little addition. We are all very excited and Jakob is extra sweet at times because he recognizes what is happening and he's very excited for another baby. He'll come put his head on my tummy and try to listen to the baby. And if I tell him I need a bit of extra strength, he knows that means I need a hug. And then there are the times that I have to remind him that I do NOT have the patience or the energy for his attitude, he takes that as a cue to shape up or go to bed! The latest warning has been, "Do NOT wake me up during nap! Or No Wii!" I haven't heard him once today!;)

Leif is working hard as usual. He's back to work at the school and I know they really appreciate his good work and his good influence. He has signed up for 12 credits online this semester. He's actually going to earn his Bachelors Degree in Public Administration within the year. Then he will move into nursing. So things are looking good and secure. So that is comforting. I am truly grateful for my good husband.

Well, I turn 31 tomorrow. Last year Leif surprised me with a beautiful camera. This year, we sold the camera (paid some bills) and I ordered some nice shoes and clothes. No surprises that I know of:) and I'm perfectly content! Truly Happy!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to read your blog and see how everyone's holiday went! I am glad you are feeling well!! Tell Leif congrats on being done soon for us:-) Oh and im going into to nursing too!!!!

Faith 'n Family said...

Happy Birthday Tomorrow!
Glad that you had a nice Christmas. Isn't that how it goes most of the time? You have it planned in your mind the way you'd like it to go, and most times...well at least we threw the ball.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Great updates! I'm glad your holiday season was well & that you're feeling decent. I would love to get a Wii - maybe one year! I smiled when I read about ripping library books. That seems to be the story of my life lately. Happy early bday!

Patricia Potts said...

What a wonderful recap Lena. I send my love. Happy Birthday Early too!

Melonee said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful holiday, surrounded by family and friends-- what more could you wish for!

Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope you are able to relax and have a great day!

Janee said...

Ok, that is the cutest pic of L&L I've ever seen! Sounds like you guys had a full and fun holiday season! When the heck are we getting together???

Oh and Happy Birthday my Lena girl! You are one amazing woman!

Sandra said...

That picture of you two in the snow cave is really cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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