Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life is Good: Day 75

So, From the time frame on my Baby Ticker I have 75 days left until my due date. So I decided to do something kind of fun leading up to the baby. I will do a little count down. Every day I will share a reason why Life is Good. This will keep me thinking all day about what I'm going to post that night. Positive... That's the goal!

Day 75:

This is a picture of Leif reading the scriptures to the boys. We've finally created a habit of family scripture study. On good nights, the boys sit on their special mats (to keep them from crawling all over) and listen to Leif, and we might even get to discuss what we're reading. After Leif reads, Jakob reads a verse (and is doing quite well!) and now Caleb insists on "reading" a verse. It is definitely a Life is Good moment that closes our day.

From Life is Good Count Down


Heidi Hamilton said...

Hey - I want to see belly pics girl!

Lena Baron said...

Sorry, None of those. I'm not a "cute" pregnant girl and I have PLENTY of yuck pregnancy pics, I don't need any more. I'm sure there will be one I can't aviod before it's over, but no posed photos for sure. Sorry!!

Sandra said...

We read with our kids in the morning...they seem to be more lethargic so they sit still ha ha. When we did it at night they were all over the place.

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