Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Perspective: Stephanie Nielson

Do you ever have those moments where something or someone stops you in your tracks and puts you in your place? I have had one of those experiences today.

Honestly, I'm surprised that I haven't heard of this precious woman until now. However, I think that may have been meant to be. Does the name Stephanie Nielson ring a bell for any of you? If so, consider yourself lucky. How about the NieNieDialogues blog? Well, if it doesn't sound familiar, I suggest you take a minute and become introduced. Especially if you need a bit of encouragement. There's no way I can do her story justice by telling it in my own words. So here is the best link I have found Stephanie Nielson: Plane Crash Survivor Regains Hope.

I have fallen into a funk lately and her story has helped put a lot of things into perspective.

As I sit here pondering exactly what changes have taken place in my heart, I think perhaps the most important is the fact that our mortal body is only a small part of our soul. It is not in control. When we have times where our body and our spirit are at odds with each other and feel the need to rival one another, it is most important to remember that our spirit is the control center, the one with all of the wisdom to overcome the frailties of our mortal body and conquer in the end. So, once we remember this we must humble ourselves enough to allow our spirit to overcome.


Heidi Hamilton said...

I think I found her blog on Molly's (my friend who lost her daughter) blog. She is truly incredible. and amazing.

Faith 'n Family said...

Thank you for this post, what an inspiration! I love your life is good posts. They made for fun reading tonight. Life is Good!!

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