Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Praise Be! I Passed The Exam!

I feel a huge sense of gratitude and relief tonight. Thanks to Father Above and my good husband, I passed the exam that I have been studying for. It was a big exam, worth a lot of points. We prayed a lot. Leif made a couple of affirmation recordings for me. I studied. Then Leif helped me study through discussing the past quizzes today before I took the exam. It was all worth it. I'm so relieved!

I learned a lot about myself through the process of studying for this exam. I learned that I am used to being enabled (someone making things easy for me) when I play the victim. I wrote my professor and told her of my fears of failing this exam and how I struggled with studying and remembering. I thought she might "have mercy" on me. Instead she told me basically to buck up and study. I was bugged by her response. But I knew as a mother that she was right in her answer. But as a child I was scared and frustrated. I learned however, that she was right in her answer to me.

I learned that I recall things better if I read them, write them, and then talk about them.

I learned that listening to positive affirmations do work.

I learned that I can!


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Harmony said...

Way to go! Congratulations on finding a learning style that works for you. Was this your stress management class?

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