Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pinterest Ideas Please Come True!

Is there anyone out there who can make some of my Favorite Pinterest finds a REALITY! So many ideas, so little time and money. How much would this corner bunk bed set up cost? It just looks Awesome!!

Corner bunk bed unit.

Right now though, THIS is Exactly what we're looking at doing for Jakob! An attic bedroom down the center of the barn. We use all the space we have. And we mean ALL of it!
Attic Loft

And This is how he would get up to his bed. It might just keep JJ from climbing up there... for a few months;)

There are a few that I just might MAKE the time for. Like this: 
cool. and easy!

1 comment:

Faith 'n Family said...

fun idea with the crayons and hair dryer. How do you attach the crayons to the paper? -Karin

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