Friday, September 30, 2011

First Grade Home School September Review

What a fun month filled with great subjects to learn about and explore! Here is a list of what we covered this month and a few thoughts and favorites. 


The Revolutionary War - Liberty - The Declaration of Independence
Favorites: Liberty Kids episodes on Netflix, Magic Tree House Revolutionary War on Wednesday, Documentary The Revolution on Netflix, Art project Making the Betsy Ross Flag

Habitats and Their Animals
Favorites: William Beebe, books, books, books, Beavers IMAX on Netflix, Field trip to Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, March of the Penguins on Netflix, Art projects from Animal Habitats by Judy Press

The Middle Ages - King Arthur - Knights 
Favorites: History's Mysteries: Knights of Camelot on Netflix, Sword and the Stone by Disney, the book In the Time of Knights by Shelly Tanaka, the book A Hero's Guide to Warriors by Deborah Murrell, Paper Model Castle and Knights, More art project ideas

Favorites: The book A Child's Story of the Book of Mormon

Favorites: A We Both Read book The Well-Mannered Monster

Favorites: The book Alphabet Mystery

Classic Literature: Favorite Fairy Tales around the World
Favorites: Jack and the Beanstalk (the original story)

Gospel Studies
Favorites: The book A Child's Story of the Book of Mormon
General Conference Activity Packet by

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