Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Cope

I have a lot of stress in my life right now. I felt it today. The worst days are when I wake up and I just don't know where to even begin. Do I change the diaper, the cat litter, or my pajamas first? Do I make the bottle, the oatmeal, or the Chex first? And what about the phone calls, and the emails, and the discussion questions, and the text book reading, and the paper writing, and the exam study guide, and the diaper changing, and the story book reading, and the math DVD monitoring, and the art project finishing, and the scripture reading, and the conference planning, and the party planning, and the library book gathering, and the diaper changing, and the rabbit feeding, and the dead chicken gathering, and the chicken water feeder scrubbing, and the bruise kissing, and the lunch food finding, and the bottle making, and the clothes sorting, and the dinner food making, and the forgotten paper due in two hours. What about all of that!?

That was all today. So what did I do? Well, I prayed a lot. I only swore once.;) But it wasn't a four letter word, only three. Forgive me. I found myself completely fatigued around noon. I prayed sincerely for a suggestion on how to find more energy. I distinctly felt permission and encouragement to just lay down. So I did. While I was laying down I tried to ignore the kitties and kiddy's climbing on me and I practiced diaphragmatic breating. I actually felt a sense of deep relaxation while using the technique. Today while at the library, I was trying to gather the many many books needed for next months home school curriculum. I had all three kids. It became impossible. So, I asked for help. I called my friend and she kindly took the babies. Tonight when I sat down to "relax" and cruise the internet, I discovered that I had a paper due tonight. Luckily not a long one. But my head was already heavy and tired. So, when Leif asked what he could do to help me, I asked him to bring me Grapefruit and Peppermint essential oils to rub on my neck. I realized that my mind was clear and alert within 15 minutes of applying the oil. And finally, I took the time to write tonight about my stress and how I coped with it. This is a great stress management tool for me.

I feel better now. Tomorrow is another day, all is well!


Harmony said...

I need to get more info from you on those esential oils. I got the title of that book I commented about it is really good. Here is an excerpt from the book.
chapter one is message we as mothers need to hear more often.

Janee said...

Oh girl, I can relate! I try to meditate once a day to cope. My kids have SO much energy. They overwhelm and exhaust me frequently. I love essential oils too. We've all been sick recently and I've been rubbing oregano oil on everyone's feet and putting peppermint oil in a humidifier and it seems to be shortening the symptoms.


Unknown said...

I know we havent spoken in awhile but I do keep with your blog still:). I will never know how you do it all! You are a wonderful wife and mother! As well as an amazing friend and an example to anyone you meet!

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