Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confessions of a Home School Mom

I home school, take classes myself, run my home, and try to care for our animals and yard when I am needed. I'm really really busy. I am not alone, I know. But I am often asked how I keep up with everything. Well, I have a few confessions and answers for those of you who wonder.:)

I don't know about you, but when I started thinking about home schooling I felt like I didn't fit the image. My image of a home school mom was someone with half a dozen (or more) kids, a clean house where everyone had their chores and did them willingly, the laundry was washed - folded - and put away daily, and a healthy home grown all organic freshly made dinner was spread on the table daily . Well, frankly, I was worried at this image I had created. Let me tell you how it really is for me.:)

I Confess: This is how I keep my kitchen sink and it's contents from overflowing into the front room. This also gives me one extra hour or more every day to read and explore the world with my kids.

I Confess:  This is where we're at with our veggies these days. To everything there is a season, and right now our season consists of 5 minutes in the microwave to get a plate of veggies. I do have a basket of fresh fruit available at all times to help me feel better.

I Confess: These are my best friend when I need to do a quick clean up. 5 minutes and the bathroom is sanitized.

I confess: That my house is merely sanitized, my family eats using all disposable eating utensils, I only do dishes when I have to, I grow a garden with only a few different plants, I feed my kids a lot of microwavable foods. I don't fit the image that I created of the perfect home school mom. But that's okay. And chances are, YOU are too! We love our kids. We sacrifice a lot to bring a unique joy into their lives that they don't even recognize yet. And though we might not fit the mold we think we should all the time, chances are the mold we have created is pretty darn good! Keep up the great work!


Melonee said...

And I admit that I don't have homeschooling on my plate, but we use paper plates and paper bowls quite often. I love frozen veggies for their convenience and I'm adicted to Llysol wipes. It sounds to me like you're doing everything right!! :)

Lena Baron said...

Very likely the BEST post I have seen from you. REALITY folks! WE do our best...and if it is good enough for Him, it should be good enough for everyone else! Good job Lena, keep it up.

Kelly Goodnight

Lena Baron said...

Thanks ladies!! ;)

Kevin said...

I hate how Satan has a way of making us feel like we arn't good enough. We do our best and thats all the Lord asks. You are a great mom.

Kevin said...

ummm..didn't know Kevin was signed's me Sandra :)

Harmony said...

Great post Lena. I think the idea of a typical home school family is laughable really. I think there are as many ways of being a home school family as there are families practicing it. I found an amazing book about being a Mom I just started reading it but it is making a difference. I will tell you about it later. Got something burning in the oven. Best wishes

Janee said...

I love this Lena! I love frozen veggies and use them often! We're all doing the best we can and what more could you ask for? Thanks for the positive reminder :)

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