Monday, September 19, 2011

Stress in Review

Does that post title make any sense? Oh well, who cares right!?

Well, I'm looking back on the last few days and I really need to get to bed right now. So I'll make this short. I'm feeling upbeat right now, but WOW I have a lot I need to do!! We have a trip we're getting ready for. My brother is getting married this week and I'm REALLY glad that I'll be able to be there for the wedding. I'm really looking forward to the trip in general. But anyway, I'm getting off subject. Stress: Ummm, well, I had a Massage this week and a Foot ZOne treatment (a lot like reflexology.) I'm sure those both helped. I'm also trying not to stifle any laughter that I feel. If it's there I just let it out. That feels good.:) I also got caught up on my meds. That's always a good thing too. I think that will help with my recent body pain issues too. I think my serotonin levels effect my pain levels. Anyway... I'm trying to find balance with everything happening in my life and how I cope with it all. I REALLY need to fit in my exercise and yoga. I'm not doing very good with that. Honestly, I wonder if I need to look into different coping strategies other then those. Because failing to do those adds to my stress.:) Ahhh, the joys of trying to take care of ourselves...

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