Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top Ten Stresses?

August 31, 2011: Tonight I'm just going to write and later I'll put things in a list according to most stressful to least stressful. So what am I stressed about these days?
  1. I hate President Obama. Hate is a strong word.
  2. I wish I could either heal and be a normal healthy mother. Or just accept my ailments 100% and learn to work around them and find pure happiness.
  3. I feel like I walk around with a storm cloud within my countenance the majority of the time. I don't laugh enough or smile enough, especially with or at my children.
  4. I still don't know if home school is the best idea. I think Jakob will learn well either way. It all just seems exhausting either way. 
  5. I really want a bigger house. I want rooms with walls and doors. I want coat closets and laundry closets, and bathtubs and more then one bathroom. I want to live on ground level. 
  6. I think we have too many animals. They coast money and they take time that Leif and I don't have anymore. 
  7. I think I'm allergic to the kittens. I'm sad about this because they're so cute and Caleb and Leif love them!
  8. I hate that JJ ate duck poop AND kitty litter today.
  9. I miss Leif's frequent company and help.
  10. I hate that I have piles of laundry and dishes to do.
  11. I wish we had room for the foof chair.
  12. I wish I was able to go alone to the libraries.
  13. I wish we had money to get my hair colored every three months.
  14. I wish life wasn't so expensive.
  15. I wish I could control my sweet tooth.
  16. I wish that I lived closer to my sister.

  17. I wish I felt normal. 
  18. My spiritual wellbeing is very much lacking.
What (new) four techniques do I want to implement into my daily life?
Massage Therapy
Comic Relief (John Bytheway, Mary-Ellen Edmands)


Molly said...

So many moms can relate to your list. Not everything on your list, but a lot of it. You are in good company. Big fan here of Mary Ellen Edmunds! I have a couple of her talks on tape and I love them. Unfortunatly, I don't have a tape player anymore and so they don't do me much good.

This is suppose to make you smile:

Having a larger home is wonderful and I won't deny that.... but you also have to clean a lot more space. It's a tough weigh in.... :) Big house or more clean? Big house or more clean? Personally, I'm ready to leave everyone and everything behind for about a month and go live all alone in a cabin. Small home, no kids, less to clean! I think it sounds pretty nice. :D

Patricia Potts said...

You make me smile and hug all at the same time (can you feel my hug?)

You were wise to get the "stuff" written down. I would do cognitive therapy to work through it... that helps so much.

Check out this video to walk you through it:

Lena Baron said...

Thank yo Patricia! I'll watch the video right now!

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