Friday, February 24, 2012

Home School Month in Review January

We put Jakob into Public School this month. So it drastically limited our Home Schooling. But we were still able to talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and African American History during WWII.

HERE is my Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plan

We took Jakob to the theater to see Red Tails.
It is a movie about the first African American's to be allowed to fly and really fight for their country. It wasn't up to par with Pearl Harbor (the movie). But That's not the point. It was a good movie with a good story. Jakob enjoyed it, even if it was the war movie to finally get the cuss words out of his mouth that he's been hearing for so many years through military movies. He got in the car and said hesitantly (testing the waters) "let's get in the damn car." I turned and asked him (calmly) what he had said. He repeated it and I told him that it was a swear word and we don't swear. He assured me that he was wondering if that were the case. I tried REALLY hard to keep a straight face for the next five minutes as it rolled around in my head. :) I'm just glad that I was around when he tested out the new word.  So, if you're not sure if your child will be able to ward off the typical military language (cussing). Then it might not be a good fit for you. But we survived.

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