Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Answers and a Journey

So many things are happening every day! It is hard to keep up with everything!! I went in for a day of Exams two weeks ago. We received the results to my MRI two days ago. They discovered two small tumors on my pituitary gland. They are called Miroadenoma's . They are non-cancerous. Sometimes they are active and cause problems. Sometimes they are not active. Though we haven't determined with blood work yet, we are pretty sure that mine are active. "Active" meaning they mess with the hormones in the body and cause a huge array of ill symptoms. This week, the most difficult has been incredible fatigue and compromised immune system (one cold after another, etc.)

So, we have answers and that is wonderful. But the journey of healing is not going to end over night. That's my update with that. But the fun is just ahead!! Final Summer Fun, First Days of School, Jakob's Turning 8, and Jakob Will be Baptized!! SO Awesome!! Life is rolling on!


Sandra said...

I'm sure your so happy to know what is wrong. Do you know what course of treatment you will be taking? Fun things coming up though...Jakob's turning eight????? wow time flies.

Molly said...

How great to have a diagnosis of sorts. Have the doctors told you about things you can to do control it? Good luck with that and all the things coming up. Some exciting times.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Crazy! Glad you're getting some answers, though hopefully the treatment is not worse than the problem.
Thank you for your insight on chores. We haven't nailed down everything yet, so your input is appreciated.
Looking forward to your updates!

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