Thursday, August 02, 2012

Came Home: Fell Flat On My Face!

Wow! I did not expect to still have our Flagstaff trip to write about at this point. But like the title of this post says, I got home and with all seriousness, I fell. And fell Hard!! I woke up Sunday morning in Flag and I felt a scratch in my throat. I knew that was the day I had to pack up and leave. It's a good thing because I had no idea what was hitting me.  And what is now hitting my boys. Anyway, it's some type of bronchitis/cold junk and it's kickin' my butt! Tonight my fever must have broke because it's the first time in three days I haven't felt hateful about my life at the moment. I wish I wasn't so serious about the hateful part. I also wish I could pin all of my problems on the cold that I have. Unfortunately, there's more to it then that.... But what's new?

I wish I were stronger. So strong that I didn't care if my husband is gone. Strong enough to just enjoy the phone calls and the visits we do get together. Strong enough to enjoy the moment and be grateful for the abundance that I have been given. Strong enough to feel the faith that I know is within me. Strong enough to send the adversary and his deceitful whispers down to the depths of darkness that they belong in, rather then the caverns of my ever going thoughts. Strong. Stronger. Strength.

Sometimes, there is a clear choice before us. For some of us, we can mark the moments when we have made the choice. The choice to keep falling, or to get up. For some of us, this choice isn't a one time deal. Some of us have to make it several times within our life time. I think this is one of those times for me.  I Have to get up!

I have to get up because I have three mouths to feed. I have to get up because I have one man who I've promised to love unselfishly. I have to get up because I have three little people who need clean hands and clean faces. I have to get up because I have three future men who need a good example. I have to get up because the dishes will not clean themselves. I have to get up because the cat deserves to eat every day. I have to get up because there are people who believe I can. I have to get up because I promised Him I would. Some how, I just know I made that promise. I Have to Get Up!

I am getting up!

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Heidi Hamilton said...

Dang it! Sorry you got sick! Glad it wasn't the whole time you were in Flagstaff. Hope everyone over there feels better soon. I can commiserate about choosing to get up. Sometimes it's an hourly thing for me!

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