Thursday, May 02, 2013

An Unexpected Day Off

Sometimes you just need an unexpected day off. A day when you stop all of the everyday normal and relax without guilt or limits. Yesterday was our unplanned forced Day Off. And it was great. Strange, but great!

I went to sleep the night before knowing that I needed a little change from the stress of cleaning and packing for the move. My nerves were shot. So Leif and I were thinking about a trip into St. George to do some shopping. Instead, Caleb woke up at 5:15 in the morning and refused to be still until everyone was out of bed. Jakob was not thrilled at being woke up as he wasn't feeling well in general. We were throwing around the idea of whether to go on our little outing when Jakob suddenly came out of the shower having breathing trouble. Real trouble! Such a scary thing! We only have ideas of what officially causes his episodes (allergies,  stress, ??)  but thank heavens for his inhaler. Leif gave him a treatment and checked his vitals. Gratefully Jakob was breathing normal again. Grumpy and moody, but normal. We sent him to lay down and he was not happy about that! Unfortunately, within 30 minutes he was having another attack. This time I was really nervous and insisted that we go to the ER. We gave him an inhaler treatment and headed out the door as soon as grandma got to the house to watch the little ones. It takes 15 minutes to get to the hospital. We drove into the parking lot and Jakob was just fine and asking if he could play the Kindle while we were there. Uggg! We did not want to spend the first half of the day in the ER if he was okay! Leif went in to the hospital and gratefully ran in to our family doctor. After discussing things together we all decided that Jakob was probably safe to go home.

** Sorry I just got really tired and I can't finish this post unless I just make it bullet points.**

Went out to breakfast
Tried to take Caleb to Headstart but got there too late for him to be able to go to class.
I played with the boys outside while they road bikes and I pushed them on the tree rope swing (A BIG deal!)
Decided we would just call it a day off
Leif went to get a stack of movies and goodies/food
I cleaned up the house so I would be able to relax without stressing over the mess.
Grandma came to visit and I talked on the phone with Heather
Leif came home with everything including flowers for me :)
We made Little Smokies and passed out all the yummys
Leif and I watched Bones and the boys watched all kinds of movies.
Leif and I applied for a rental house in Nixa
Leif mowed the lawn
Leif and I set up the pully system in the van (to help me send things back and forth to the boys.)
Leif showed me the licence plate cover he got me (a really cute frog frame!)
6:00 came before I knew it (totally surprised)
Leif read to the kids from Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites while the littles played/argued
Everyone was exhausted from the early morning
Leif and I watched The Hobbit before going to sleep.

It felt so good to just let the stress and anxiety of the Normal Routine take a back seat for a day!! Loved It!!

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Leif said...

I was a nice day off wasn't it? XOXO- Leif

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