Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rollin' Along...

Life has continued to roll along here on the Ranch. We still have Good, Bad, and some Ugly days. But we're settling in to our "Normal."  Leif still works 1+ hours away in Springfield as a Nurse on the hospital Med Surge floor. He works nights.  If he has several days of work scheduled in a row, he sleeps at the hospital for a couple days and then comes home to check in. If it's a long work week then he might follow this routine a couple few times before he has a row of days off here at home.  It's not an easy schedule and far from what I had expected our life to be like. But we've learned to roll with it and make it work for all of us.

The boys are back to school after a very extended Christmas break because of the CRAZY winter weather that blew in just after Christmas.  We had FREEZING COLD temps, Ice, Wind, and even Broken Pipes. It was highly unusual for this part of Missouri. Jakob is Thrilled to be back to school and Caleb is struggling to get back in to the routine.

Our little Homestead is growing steadily. We Love our animals and all that they bring to our life. Work, Laughter, and Distraction. We have a Homestead blog to help keep things updated and spotlighted.

I'm happy. I miss our family and friends in Arizona! But I am enjoying the time here with my family and meeting new friends here. Right now I'm enjoying focusing on the Homestead and trying to plan ahead as much as one can when there is no plan ahead:)


Heidi Hamilton said...

Thanks for the update - glad things are working out for you guys & the boys were able to get back to school :) What is the blog address for the ranch?

Harmony said...

Thanks for the update. Love to hear what you are doing.

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