Sunday, February 02, 2014


I can't believe it's FEBRUARY! At this rate, Summer vacation is right around the corner!! WOW!

Well, we're kinda sick around here right now. :( JJ has a stomach bug and I'm in the middle of a Fibromyalgia flare. I've slept hours and hours and I still feel drained and the hit by a truck pain. Uggg! But I'm grateful to be able to feel a difference now days between my normal strength and well being and the flare ups. Gotta find the good... It's the only way to survive the waves of life!

There's a lot happening behind the scenes these days. We got notice that the Sleep Room that Leif has been using in the hospital will be turned in to a Breastfeeding Room for the nurses who need it. This is a Big Deal time wise and financially for us. Leif has slept at the hospital at least half of the days he works each week. So to have to commute Every Day will be Huge! So we have to move forward with deciding our future plans.

FIRST: We will need to find a place for Leif to stay as we make decisions. A room somewhere...

A) Stay in Carthage and switch to Freeman Hospital.
B) Find a home closer to Springfield and move.
C) Rent a Home closer to Springfield while we decide what to do.

It's not a secret that we've been searching for help and answers about our boys' struggles. It's still been a really long journey to get the right help and answers. We've narrowed a couple of things down this week. First, Caleb's MRI showed no signs of Seizures. So that it good! But it didn't really give us any answers about what he IS struggling with. So we're still pluggin' along to narrow things down with a good answer. We had one doc tell us that he though Caleb had ODD (Oppositional  Defiance Disorder.)  After discussing this with each other and with the teachers that work with him on a daily basis we all concluded that was a very wrong diagnosis. :( So that was an expensive disappointment. However, We've made some progress with JJ. He has been accepted into the Carthage Early Childhood Special Education Preschool.  After several meetings and evaluations they determined that JJ does in fact struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder and Developmental Delay in certain areas of development. So he will be able to start that as soon as we are ready for him to start. He will LOVE this!! I will miss him!:( But I can use all of the help I can get with any of my boys. It is a blessing!!  Next week we'll be meeting with a new Pediatrician and I'll be giving her a write up about Caleb's struggles as well as a DVD that shows some home videos of different good, bad, and ugly, scenarios.  I will do the same thing with the other boys for their appointments. It's just too hard to fit everything in to one appointment. So I've decided to write it down.... We'll see how it goes.

So that's how things look on the home front heading in to February!

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Harmony said...

Hope you are able to get things figured out. Are there positions open at the nearby hospital? If nog what will you do with your animals?

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