Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baptism at Eight Years Old? Yes.

My sweet Mister Caleb was baptized yesterday a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is eight years old.  Before we were preparing for our first son to be baptized I had never really considered the age that our church recommends that a child is baptized, which is eight years old.  However, once our oldest son and his friends were approaching eight years old, I found myself pondering it more. Then one day my good friend approached me with a concern.  She asked me how I felt about allowing our young children to enter into such an important, and life altering covenant so early in their lives. This is what my answer to her was.

Life on this earth is a journey of progression.  As an adult we recognize the severe consequences of sin as well as the powerful tool of repentance that allows us to return to our Father in Heaven again. It can be hard to allow our children who are clearly still learning the full impact of these lessons to covenant to accept and follow these principles throughout their entire life. Frankly, it can be scary.

But we need to remember that in God, there is peace. Our Father in Heaven loves our children far more then we can comprehend. He is a God of Mercy and Grace. Our children, as well as all people, will only be held accountable according to their understanding and development. As parents, we can find peace in knowing that our children will only be held to a standard that is appropriate and perfectly evaluated by our Perfect Father. That standard will change and progress as they grow physically and spiritually.

This is why I am comfortable allowing my child to be baptized at eight years old. For now, he knows that he Loves our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. He knows that he wants to obey the commandments, and he tries to the best of his ability and development to do this. He will be blessed as he grows in this understanding. He has also been taught the principle of repentance, according to his age level, and this is enough for now. Again, he will grow in this understanding and commitment.

Caleb's baptism was a beautiful experience. I find comfort in knowing that his Father in Heaven knows him perfectly. And I find added comfort in knowing that he has been blessed with the Holy Ghost, a member of The Godhead, to be his guide and comforter along this journey. All is well. We can find comfort in Father's perfect plan for His children.

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