Friday, August 05, 2016

The Run Down of Being Apart

This morning Leif called me to tell me that our Suburban was broken into last night (in California, where he is) and they stole the back seat out of it.  NICE! - Not!!  He spent the majority of the day working with police, insurance, and purchasing a new seat. Grrr!!  He'll keep all of the seats in his apartment until he drives out for a family visit. This world and it's dishonesty is hitting too close to home too often these days!! :(  Leif was also working out payroll problems with his company for half of the day. Luckily it all got worked out.

Families get used to dealing with "work" issues separately and then coming together and dealing with "home" issues.  So when the family is separated (not due to divorce) it's a juggling act to try to Make Time to come together and find a connection somehow.

Today Leif and I called back and forth a lot. He was off work. So we checked in a lot and kept each other posted. We wanted to make a chance to sit down and watch "Our Show" together (currently Hawaii Five-O.) It didn't happen today. But when it does, we get each other on the phone and log on to Netflix. We do the best we can to sync it exactly so we're watching it together. It's ALMOST as good as being together. When the boys got home from school today we called Leif on Skype after Jakob finished his homework. Leif then read Jakob Harry Potter for a while.  And then it was Leif's bedtime.

Leif and I set a health challenge up together before he left. Nothing too official. But we check in throughout the day with each other and compare notes. We knew that Leif would be losing the most weight this time because I've hit a bit of a stall. And he sure has lost weight! He's doing Amazing! Between the exercise and eating right he's meltin' off the pounds and building muscle. And yes, Looking Good!! ;)  Me, well, I'm exercising more then ever and trying to build muscle. That doesn't necessarily make the scale a friend sometimes. But tomorrow's another day.

Being apart is Tough!! Lonely. Life gets monotonous. Same routines, same phone conversations. Only broken up by crisis, discussions about bills. finances, and crazy kid stories. It's hard to keep it all together in a positive light.  So far, right now, we're alright.  We all pray a lot. We try to keep things as light-hearted as possible.  Luckily for us, we'll have times together to look forward to every once in a while.

Behind the scenes, I think Leif's main past time is getting healthy and fit and communicating with us. During my down time I have been watching the show Criminal Minds. The behavioral analysis shows have always drawn me in. And this on doesn't cause me to feel depression. However, I took a break today and started listening to an Audio Book. Don't ask me the name right now. But it's a historical fiction with no murder and plenty of christian values and romance. :) So I'm trying to keep the Light on within and without as much as possible.

Tomorrow's another day. A Saturday. It will be interesting to find out what it holds.

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