Saturday, August 06, 2016

Up and Running: Come and Visit - The More the Merrier

I'm hoping Leif might join in the fun of my renewed blogging adventure. So I'm having fun with photos. My posts (that don't already have pics) will have my picture on them. And (hopefully) Leif will be willing to post with his picture on his. It's just a fun way to tell whose writing at a glance. Plus it gives me a chance to see him more often!:)

I've been working on updating the blog throughout this morning. I'm looking forward to the journey. It feels kinda like Coming Home. I hope all of my Facebook friends will come on over for a visit sometimes. However, the reason I'm writing again is because I'm finally back to the point in my mind where I'm writing for the right reasons again. I'm writing for myself, my family, and with the hopes of strengthening those who visit, NOT for validation. This is very important.

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