Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Humorous Prayer

Dear Lord, today was a waste! I couldn't think clearly to save my life! Let's try again tomorrow, shall we? Let's be sure to order everyone's Christmas gifts that haven't been ordered, especially remembering to search for the extra special ones I've been meaning to find for ---- and ----.  Help me to remember to make the doctor's appointments and dentist appointments needed before Christmas and, also to pick up those prescriptions we really needed yesterday. Let's be sure to make time to bake treats for our friends and neighbors, and; As you know, Lord, the doctor has prescribed that I make time to rest on the electromagnetic mat a minimum of two times each day for 20 minutes each time. Please help me to find time to do that tomorrow. And Father, please help me to make time to pray to you and gather the kids for scriptures. Please help me remember the advent scriptures at night and the Christmas treat after dinner. Oh yeah, before I forget, help me remember to order the new supplements that I need. I can't see why I'm not able to remember everything I need to do, let alone feel the Christmas spirit!? Please help me!

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