Thursday, June 03, 2021

These last few days have been an Absolute Whirlwind!!! Last night drove from Huntington Beach to Folsom, CA. To our temp appartment. We had just finished two days of HIGH stress AND 8 hours of driving. It was 9:00PM. Leif had got us all settled in to our apartment and it was time for him to get back in his car and drive 2 more hours to his apartment so he could work in the morning 😱😱😱 He is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! The fact that he would even keep that commitment through to the very last second is astounding to me!!!  But I, looked at him and told him he was crazy. Actually, I think I may or may not of called him psycho. And a few more rude things, before I clarified. I was not worried about the kids and I or feeling abandoned. I was just literally shocked that he could wrap his head around not taking a day off after all that had just taken place.💗 I reminded him that the Miracle of it all, was that the Lord had prepared for this day months ago. Up until last week we actually didn't know that Leif had been collecting sick leave gradually throughout his contract. So last week they told him in passing that he had two days he could use. So fast forward, he was able to use a sick day and recoup today. I'm So Incredibly grateful for these Tender Mercies from Heaven.🙏

So FRIDAY was long and Exhausting!! But it couldn't have gone more smoothly. We had slept in a hotel (coincidentally the Same hotel we stayed in the days before moving in to our first Huntington Beach apartment.) So we woke up refreshed enough to go back to the house and finish loading the last stuff in to storage and into the van and Leifs car. It took three hours and by that point I was beyond frazzled!!! Thank you Father for Xanex, family prayer, and a comforting hug from Leif as we got on our way. A stop to drop off storage keys (Thanks Anita, the store for snacks, and returning our internet router and we were finally on our way. Before I knew it we were in LA traffic.  Thank Heavens for the car pool lane, my cellphone speaker phone connected with Leif, and the sturdy flag Leif had randomly hung in his car window that u used to determine which silver car was his out of the thousands of others on the road. 

We drove 8 hours and stopped twice. Everyone did really well. Poor Joshua though struggled. His body was Very Sore from being cooped in the carseat. Come to find out he had to poop too. Which he's really particular about how he goes about doing his business. So he was pretty miserable by the end. The high light was singing together in the car and Jakob letting JJ be the music DJ for a while. It was also SO NICE that Leif and I could chat and strategize together even though we were in different cars. 

As we drove in to Sacramento and then towards Folsom I was having flashbacks of Flagstaff AZ and Pleasanton CA. It was so green and filled with trees. Beautiful!  We are THRILLED with our apartment!! 

And now to tell about Wednesday. 

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