Thursday, June 03, 2021

Time to take a minute and share some of the random photos and fun we're having. This down time between moving in to our new home feels kind of like an extended vacation. Kind of. We could also classify it as living in limbo. But "vacation" sounds more fun. The little boys are out of school. Jakob is online for school. Leif is traveling back and forth to work still. But it's only Two hours vs. Seven that it used to be. We miss all of you in HB!! But we're enjoying our time exploring our new surroundings. There are lots of parks here.💗 It's been HOT but that doesn't stop my boys. Joshua and I aren't the biggest fans of heat though. But we're making it work. 😁 I'll post more and chat more on my blog so feel free to save the address. It's MamasThinkingCornerdotcom. 

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