Thursday, April 14, 2022

Psych Help In California

Did you know that during the 3 years of living in California that I have been turned down for psych services at least 6 times! SIX Times!!! If I were suicidal, I would be dead right now. And I wish that was a joke. It's far from a joking matter! 

I have reached out all of these different times so that I could get a prescription for the proper medication and possibly some counseling. Or even better, a series of EMDR treatments. 

Why have I been turned away, you ask? Because my case is too complicated for their "specialized services." In other words, the doctors have deliberately chosen to go the easy route in psych services. My case requires navigating through medical issues as well as psych issues. 

It blows me away that in a field so vital, it is By Far the hardest field in the medical world to navigate. In the first place, multiple phone calls are required to even begin the process of getting help. And that right there folks, is a HUGE issue for someone with fragile mental health. Making a phone call that actually requires you to speak to a person AND answer questions sensibly, is comparable to trying to eat an elephant. It's pretty much impossible.

And the couple of times I gathered my strength and follow through to sign up online for online therapy, I was denied service because my case is too complicated. 

Have no fear for me though, my story is about to get better, I hope!! I made the two different phone calls through our insurance to get an appointment, assured them that yes, indeed our guns are locked up. And no, I am not feeling suicidal or homicidal. And finally, it was arranged for me to have an Evaluation appointment in TWELVE DAYS from now. Lol! 🤣🤣🤣 Do you know what can evolve in two weeks time when someone's mental health is in a fluid state. A Lot can happen. But, again, all will be well. I'm pretty accustomed to riding these waves. "Baby Steps." "Baby Steps." 😉😉😉 #whataboutbobjoke

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