Friday, April 22, 2022

Today, I'm Grateful to say that my doctor was kind when I requested a prescription of Lamictal for Bipolar II Disorder. I was worried that he would make me wait until Psych could get me in. But instead, he asked for a clarification of my diagnosis from the past and my past and present symptoms of the disorder. He then confirmed with Psych that he could write the script and that I would follow up as soon as they can get me in. 

I knelt down today, and prayed to my Father in Heaven that this medication and other services that Psych can offer will be life changing for me and for my family.  I pled for His blessing on my desire to care for my family  steadily. Without bad days, weeks, or months breaking up any progress that is made.

I know that He hears my prayers and will do what is best. And that He is with us come what may. But I do have a good feeling about the future. 

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