Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 7,2006

I was admitted back into the hospital on October 3rd. I went in with contractions and they admitted me after an amniotic fluid reduction. We all figured that the babies have the longest chance to stay in utero if I stay in the hospital.

October 7, 2006
Good Morning Everyone,

I wish I could say "Good late morning" But that is not the case. I finally had a pretty good nights sleep and then it was interrupted at around 6:50 AM with a nurse checking my blood pressure and giving me my meds, two resident doctors asking the same silly questions they always do, and a real doctor checking up on me and the babies. All at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I appriciate the care, it was just... an early morning wind of doctors. They left and I realized that I hadn't even had a second to wake up enough to cover myself up...just so they could uncover me and poke my tummy...:) Modesty....

Anyway, as you may have gathered I am in the hospital again. I am here at LDS hospital until I deliver the babies. Tomorrow is a big day for us, I will be 24 weeks along. This may seem no big deal, but what it means is that when the babies are born the staff will do all they can to help them survive and the babies will have what it takes to survive. We are in no way shooting to deliver any time soon. But I do have a count down chain for 28 weeks which we feel is a very reasonable goal (30 days). Although, to get into the 30 week timeframe would be Perfect!!!

You know.. within the last twenty minutes I have been visited by the lab to take some blood and my breakfast came. Can I just say, you hear about people complaining about hospital food... BELIEVE IT! My food intake has dramatically changed. The food here is HORRIBLE! And I really am not that picky. Especially when food is so important right now. Anyway sorry for the complaint...

So, that's our update. I'm in the hospital. Leif and Jakob are living in the apartment 5 minutes away. We're trying to create a semblence of routine for Jakob and life is moving on day by day. It's not the journey of choice, but we're hangin' in there.

I hope this finds all of you well! Love to hear from you!

Love, Lena, Leif and Jakob

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