Saturday, October 07, 2006

September 23, 2006: Just an update

September 23
hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote us and let us know they were thinking and praying for us. We are still in Seattle. As of yesterday morning we had another exam and ultrasound and prayers have been helping because we found that both babies blood flows are more balanced. That helped the baby with no fluid to begin to produce fluid on her own. We also found that were I was dilated, I'm not anymore, and that is a miracle. Because of these good things, though we are not out of the dark completely, they decided not to do the surgery right now in hopes the babies will continue to balance themselves out. So they've kept me in the hospital on bed rest with a little less restriction until Monday morning and we will have another exam and ultasound. Depending on how things look, they will either do the lazer sugery or reduce the fluid again or neither. And either way we will be released by the middle of next week. (Hopefully) When we are out of the hospital we will be promptly moving to SLC to be near the Hospitals and specialists there.

Some of you mentioned that you are actually in the area of Seattle. We of course would be thrilled to see any of you. I'm not going anywhere for the next few days.

We hope all is well, and Love you all.

Lena and Leif Baron

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