Sunday, October 15, 2006

Made it to 25 weeks

Well, we've made it to 25 weeks along. From this point on the babies have a fighting chance. We received the steroid shots last week. so that will help the babies lungs. Friday we got called into the Doctors office after he had visited with us that morning. He helped us conclude that it was time to do another amniotic reduction even though it had only been five days. I was Huge and it ended up being a good decision. They took off 2.5 liters of fluid. It is amazing the difference that it makes. You can visibly see the difference before and after. Not to mention the 10 pound weight loss. I do labor for several hours after a procedure. But so far they seem to get it under control.

We're still hangin' in there. I am grateful for books. Reading really helps me pass the time. It has been so nice to have a couple of my friends visit from time to time. That is a real blessing! I also have a friend with three children who is an angel and takes Jakob for a couple of hours two days each week. That is a HUGE Blessing!!! This gives Leif some down time during the week and some time for us to be together.

Life has pretty much settled into a routine that is working out alright. We feel the blessings from all of the prayers and thank those of you who are offering them in our behalf. I guess that pretty much says it all at this point. We hope you are all well! God Bless!

OH! Some of you have asked for our mailing address, it is:
Salt Lake City, Utah

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