Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life and One Less Chick

Wow! I think maybe this has been the longest that I've gone in between posts. It shows what life is like right now. Really busy and full! On Friday we found out that a distant aunt of mine whom I really admired passed away. Her funeral was in Vegas. So we packed up and met my parents there for the weekend and went to the funeral on Monday. I will post more about that later.

Yesterday I was trying to recover from the trip and get things in order. That evening we moved all of the chicks out to the coup with a heat lamp.

This morning, Leif sadly brought one of our little top hat chicks in who huddled next to the outside wall instead of the heat lamp and was freezing and lethargic. Leif had to go to work so I wrapped it in a heating pad and tried to give it some sugar water. Unfortunately, it didn't make it. Definitely NOT the way I wanted my day to start. And my boys are still asleep and it's 9:20AM. I definitely would have liked to sleep in rather then bury one of our chicks. GRRR!

So, I'll go clean up and try to make it a better day then it started out to be. Leif has finals this week and a million other little things are going on. I'm trying to switch all of the winter and summer clothes around. Need to do the dishes. Caleb got another ear infection and I need to remember to give him his meds. Should exercise... and on and on.

I'll open the curtains and let the sunshine in!


Faith 'n Family said...

It's hard when animals die.

Sheri said...

I'm sorry to hear you not only lost an aunt, but a sweet little chick as well! You describing your day and the way you're feeling really reminds me of... well... ME! Sometimes that's all you can do - open the windows, let in the sun, and hope it brings a little motivation and joy with it! I hope your day got better. And if it didn't... tomorrow is always a new day! For some reason, saying that to myself always makes me feel better and full of hope!

Sandra said...

Bummer! Sorry about the chick and the ear infection, thats no fun.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Sorry about your aunt. Sounds like you have been busy - as usual! And sorry, too, about the chick. Did the boys notice one less chick in there? It's always hard to explain these things.
And yes - we've been to many B&B places, but not too many down your way. I think the farthest south we've been is Capitol Reef, which was beautiful and we stayed at a great B&B. When is your anniversary?

Janee said...

I was wondering where you've been! I'm sorry to hear about your aunt and chick and ear infection. Wow, you've had some things to deal with!

Did you guys ever go to Peoria to look at that van? We need to get together soon!

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